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If you’ve arrived at my website, the chances are that you, (or a friend or loved one) has been arrested, charged with a criminal offense and you are searching for a Rhode Island Criminal Defense Lawyer. It could be a charge involving:

1.  Driving Under the Influence

2.  Domestic Violence,

3.  Domestic Assault and Battery,

4.  Resisting Arrest,

5.  Domestic Disorderly Conduct,

6.  Obstruction of Justice,

7.  Disorderly Conduct,

8.  Domestic Vandalism,

9.  Reckless Driving,

10.  Leaving the Scene of an Accident,

11.  Operating on a Suspended Driver’s License,

12.  Receiving Stolen Property,

13.  Vandalism,

14.  Trespassing,

15.  Expungements, or

16.  Some other misdemeanor or felony related accusation.

Whatever the criminal charge is, there is no doubt that being arrested stirs up all sorts of emotions, including anger, fear, shame and worry. All of these emotions are normal reactions to being arrested.

If I’m right about you having been arrested and charged with a criminal offense, you have probably landed at my website in search of information. If that is true, you have found the right place. My website contains a ton of information and personal insight from a Rhode Island Criminal Defense Lawyer.

As a practical matter you can find the basic information about Rhode Island Criminal Law anywhere on the web. There’s no shortage of criminal defense lawyers with websites that all SHOUT “Hire Me”!

The internet marketing gurus tell us Rhode Island Criminal Defense Lawyers that our website is supposed to be a ‘hard sell’. That means they think we are supposed to sell you on hiring us based on our websites. Bunk, I say. Hiring a Rhode Island Criminal Defense Lawyer is way too important a decision to be made on the basis of a website. Additionally, those websites that SHOUT “Hire Me” in reality tell you very little. That’s because many of those websites are written by big, national web companies that have no connection to Rhode Island.

I don’t believe that this website is supposed to be a ‘hard sell’. No, I believe something different. I believe that you have to come to a decision about hiring a Rhode Island Criminal Defense Lawyer that you feel comfortable with. You have to be sure about the person you hire because when it comes to defending you and your liberty you need to be darn sure before you make the hire.

How could you possibly decide something as important as hiring a Rhode Island Criminal Defense Lawyer based on a website? You can’t. Or at the very least you shouldn’t. Not based on a website. I understand web based research, but it has serious limitations in real life application.

Now, I understand that web based research is important. After all, that is why I created this website. But you can get ‘basic’ information about criminal charges from any Google search. But that is all you will get. In this website I will give you my insight earned from real life experiences in representing actual clients.

The big, national web companies that build other websites can’t give you that. I can.

So I invite you to navigate my website. I think you will find it different from the websites of other Rhode Island Criminal Defense Attorneys.

There are many Rhode Island Criminal Defense Lawyers who possess the skills and experience to provide adequate representation.

So, what separates me from the dozens of other attorneys you could choose? I believe it is my approach.

Once you hire me I will protect you, educate you, advocate for you, and if necessary, I will fight for you all the way through a criminal trial. I relieve you of the burden and worry that comes with a criminal charge. While I am doing that your job is to focus on all of the other aspects of your life that make you who you are. In short, I will take care of you like no other at the time when you need it most.

Once you are finished researching, please pick up your telephone and call me now to discuss your situation. You will not regret it.