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Hopkinton, RI-Domestic Harassing Phone Calls Criminal Defense Lawyer

Criminal Charges:  Domestic Harassing Phone Calls Arresting Police Department:  Hopkinton Police Department Allegations:  Defendant was charged by the Hopkinton Police Department with making Domestic Harassing Phone Calls or obscene text messages to the mother of his child.  Specifically, the Complaining Witness arrived at the Hopkinton Police Department at approximately 11:52 p.m. to file a complaint that […]

Portsmouth, RI – Domestic Assault and Battery Criminal Defense Lawyer

Criminal Charges: Domestic Assault and Battery Arresting Police Department: Portsmouth Police Department Allegations: The complaining witness went to the Portsmouth Police Department to file a complaint that her husband committed a Domestic Assault and Battery. Specifically she alleged that her husband committed a Domestic Assault and Battery when he grabbed her and threw her to […]